Pay Per Click

Looking for cost effective promotion and advertisement solutions? PPC (Pay Per Click) is an excellent online advertisement medium for promoting your products and services to audience from across the globe. PPC utilizes internet resources and modern IT-based solutions to generate wider publicity and recognition cost-effectively thus providing advertisers with a platform more powerful than traditional advertising strategies.

At Dhwaja Technology we perform extensive research to ensure that your PPC (pay per click) campaigns are profitable and extend your reach to the maximum to your target audience. Our PPC specialists are logical and professionally expert at managing PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and We analyze and research your Business Offerings, Targeted areas and Targeted Audience in depth to ensure that your marketing campaign is a profitable and result in sales or leads. Our seasoned Pay Per Click consultants perform indepth research in Pay Per Click engines for the high ROI key phrases and then carefully draft the communication to appeal to your target audience.

Tracking Conversions for Paid Search Campaigns

We implement strategies to track conversion from the traffic driven on the website to ensure that you have a measurable ROI for your PPC marketing investments.

Our Services include:
  • Keyword Identification and Selection
  • PPC Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page, Creative and Medium Testing
  • PPC Bid Management and Bid Optimization
  • Geographic Targeting
  • PPC Conversion Tracking and Reporting
  • Analytics and Intelligence Customization