Corporate Social Responsibility

The motive of our corporate social responsibility is betterment of the society.

Our most essential Corporate Social Responsibility is to provide free medical facility to the under privileged community and providing special medical benefits to older section of the society.

We aim at bringing about positive changes in the community by taking up various health issues and work for the welfare of the society. Many of the community projects and programs are driven by active participation from our employees.

With the mission of improving and inspiring the lives of the underprivileged our foundation implements programs and policies to help the geriatrics (old) and the BPL(below poverty line) families by giving medical aid and support.

Dhwaja foundation has taken up various cases in order to lend their support the underprivileged community. It plans to adopt a system where the neglected senior citizens, families and individuals are given absolutely free medical assistance.

“A healthy body is the key to a good life” is what we firmly believe. It is the most significant aspect of community development process. Our foundation persistently works to ensure development of general health in the community.

We are constantly making efforts to provide free medical facility to below poverty line community of the society.

We have a vision of setting up medical centers which will serve a common purpose of providing free medical benefits to the poor and needy individuals.

We kindly request our customers to extend their support in terms of either monetary or physical presence to poor and needy individuals around their locality who may be suffering from any kind of disease and are not capable of getting themselves treated.